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RAD Torque Systems New Product Launch And Information Day.

RAD Torque Systems New Product Launch and Information Day.

Titeforce recently hosted a product launch and information day at the ever welcoming Simbithi Country Club. A day where those in attendance were fortunate enough to have a keynote presentation by Dan Provost, founder of New World Technologies (RAD) 25 years ago and the introduction to the new BRAD Select Brushless Range from the man himself.  Dan shared some history of the brand, the product development and insights, both from his experience around the globe – following trends in digitisation of the mechanical world (Mechatronics) and where the RAD brand is headed in the years to come. Together with informative presentations and a live product demonstration of these revolutionary tools in action.

Coffees, juice and snacks awaited the attendees during the meet and greet session at the Country Club before sitting down for the first keynote presentations of the day headed up by our General Manager, Kevin Levey and Allen Mayer director of The core theme of the info days was to introduce suppliers and distributors to the next wave of Bolted Joint Integrity and it’s future within the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” – as outlined by Kevin. How these products will become available in the future and the fundamental new issues they are designed to address. Staying abreast of industrial requirements is how RAD positions themselves at the leading edge of modern torque and tension technology.

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Dan took to the front of the room with his seemingly, always energetic character and walked the guests through a keynote presentation that served as somewhat of a timeline of Dan’s journey in building the RAD brand. Informative and inspirational, it is clear to see that Dan’s far from done yet. With exciting new product developments and the capacity for R&D and in house manufacture constantly increasing, RAD tools are setting the benchmark in the world of heavy industrial torque and tension tools.

A real treat to be taken through the products and brand ethos by the founding director himself. Even better to share with our network of agents and distributors, who took the time to join us for the info day. Sharing in knowledge, experience and a meal with those we regularly do business with but don’t often see.

Thank you to those that attended.

Meet Dan Provost

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